Revised Schedule of Interest Rate - Percentage per annum

Deposit Type Category of Deposit Rate of Interest (p.a.)
Agri Credit9.00%
Term LoanLarge & Medium Industries12.00%-15.00%
Small & Cottage Industries12.00%-15.00%%
Working Capital for IndustriesLarge & Medium Industries12.00%-15.00%
Small & Cottage Industries 12.00%-15.00%
Export Credit 7.00%
Trade Finance12.00%-15.00%
House Building LoanCommercial12.00%-15.00%
Consumer Credit12.00%-15.00%
Credit Card2.25% Per Month
Credit to NBFI12.00%-15.00%
OthersOD (Exp.) [ Forced Loan]15.00% (Maximum)
SOD/ Loan Against FDR of Other Banks, ICB Unit, WEDB, Any Other Allowable Instruments.12.00%-15.00%%
SOD/Loan Against Lien on FDR/Scheme of Our Banks (Except Super Savers Term Account)FDR Rate+2.50%%
Loan Against NBL Scheme Deposits (Except Super Savers' Term Deposit)Scheme Rate+2.50%Min%
All Other Loans & Advances Created on Forced Circumstances15.00% (Maximum)%
Loan Against Forced Import Payment15.00% (Fixed)%
OD (General) Against Work Order/Bid Bond/Performance Bond12.00%-15.00%%
Others Not Covered Above15.00% (Fixed)%
PPG Based ProductsFestival Small Business Loan (General)16.00%
Small House Loan Scheme15.00% (Floating)%
NBL Small Housing Loan16.00%%
NBL Housing Loan13.50%-15.00%%
NBL Lease Finance13.00%-15.00%%
NBL Weaver Loan15.00%
NBL Micro Loan15.00%
NBL Small Business Loan16.00% (Max)%
NBL Nari Jagaran Loan9.00%%
NBL Trinamul Uddyog Loan9.50%%
NBL Nobo Uddyog Loan10.00%%